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About Us

Stirrers and Shakers

Stirrers and Shakers is a mobile bar company that provides efficient as professional bartending service.

We bring the best element of any London, New York or Tokyo bar with the unique advantage of being mobile.


Mobile: 07846304021 Email:

A Revolutionary New

Way Of Bar Service

For Those That Love Craft Drinks With Extraordinary Attention

Our aim is to bring cocktails to any environment and enlighten drinkers with new experiences offering a wide selection of services based around the highest standard of, up to date, innovative cocktails.

With our resources, experience and ingenuity we’ll give your guests an experience they’ll be enthusing about for years, without breaking the bank

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” I was introduced to your Stirrers & Shakers like any other organisation but all i can say that i was just happy , i was delighted by your services.”

- Angella,London.

I think you have a very hard work team or you have a great product and you are pleasant to your customers. Perhaps all the above. Well that was my experience working with you. We loved the response on the phone, your availability and clear conclusions and the fact that you helped us achieve what our budget could handle. It showed you cared and that’s why you will keep getting word of mouth referrals

- Grooms sis

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