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Providing Exclusive and Exquisite service is what we pride our selves with. We like to add panache and sophistication to all kinds of event transforming even a simple get together to an amazing party.

stirrers and shakers



Our consultancy service covers a wide range of areas; from early planning stages to service, wastage or loss reduction to drinks optimisation for all events.

We can help at the infancy of each project in terms of bar set up and construction, hardware requirements, to allow efficient production of drinks and to facilitate a correctly and quickly made range of other drinks.

On every project that we undertake, our focus is on the front of house operational side of the bar primarily working out the finite detail to ensure a smooth flowing operation even for the most complex of schemes, are coordinated with our drinks designers and craft architect to ensure a balanced approach.

Our knowledge, experience and capabilities forged over the years means we can understand the unique criteria of every event and our designers can to achieve and provide a customised solution Check out our bar hire for a number of innovative features Menu design, product sourcing and promotion as well as music and concept advice are offered to both new venues and established operations. Effective time and motion studies for service speed improvements, weighted menu GPs and an unmatched level of prelaunch and follow up training means that the stirrers & shakers are a one stop solution.

Bar Service


Party classics, exotic cocktails, frozen & slushy (click for full details)
MOCKTAILS: Party Classics (click for full details / see our menu)
HOT DRINKS! we provide the options of hot cocktails and drinks.

Champagne Bar


When you are inviting guest, it is customary to supply a good flow of drinks for them to enjoy. Some bar stock only non alcohol options and some other host provide alcohol options such as Champagne, WINE, SPIRITS, SPIRITS & LIQUOR SPARKLING WINE, PROSECCO, WHITE WINE,RED WINE, ROSE WINE, BEER, Cider, FIZZY, JUICE, SPARKLING / STILL WATER. What ever your preference is, we are here to ensure that your bar has an organised system while we maximise

Our Complete Bar Package:

This is our most popular option and will suit all sorts of functions, events, occasions, celebrations, ceremonies, exhibitions and much more. You should expect the finest cocktails served by the finest people! We pride ourselves in the best: More Options (Ask for details) Phone :02035364235





The bar is usually the talking point, the first approachable feature, ice bearer and most often the center of any party. We have just the right package to make yours exceptional.

We have various bar styles and sizes available, as well as offering bespoke cocktail bar options. These bespoke bars can be the customization of an existing cocktail bar or a completely original design.

Our Illuminated mobile bars and led cocktail tables creates a stunning center piece and talking point at any event. The illuminated led units uses the latest technology available and is powered by re-chargeable batteries, which are discreetly hidden under the bars and furniture units so no need for unsightly cables and hence no power points are required.

With the illuminated bars and furniture hire service we also provide a remote control which is able to set the bars and table to the colour of your choice or with another setting the units can randomly rotate, strobe, flash, fade through a range of colours.


Click For bar design brochure (Style/Design/ Specification)

mini-bar Mini Bar Counter
Circular-Bar-Counter Circular Bar Counter
Rectangular Bar Counter Rectangular Bar Counter
Standard Bar & Standard bar Back Standard Bar & Standard bar Back
Standard-Bar-Full Standard Bar & Full bar Back
Rectangular Bar & Standard bar Back


Your Bar can be any of the following:



This service suits you the best, if you are only looking to hire something in particular from us. You can choose what all would you like us to supply for your event, whilst you will take care of the rest.

Ask for Bar/Hire Package


With this option you simply pay a per person price for each of your guests, so that they can enjoy unlimited free drinks for a 4 hours period from our personalized bar menu. You can extend / decrease the time if required, please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

This is an unlimited drinks service options we treat like a buffet. You pay one price for each guest and they are able to approach the bar at any time Ask for Unlimited Drinks & Cocktail Package

Ask for Bar/Hire Package

Cash Bar Hire

Cash Bar Hire / Tab With Maximum Spend

Regardless of your event type, we don’t charge you anything for staff, our mobile cocktail bars, as well as large range of glassware. You and your guests will then pay for drinks over the bar on a cash basis or using credit / debit cards. Tab with
maximum spend is similar option, whilst it allows you to treat your guests to a several free drinks.

You simply pay a fixed amount towards the bar sales and your guests can order drinks as they wish. Once the prepaid amount has been reached we will open the bar as a Cash bar for your guests. To book the service we only require a fully refundable deposit of £200. This is only to hold the date for you and will be refunded in full after your event.

Ask for Cash Bar Package, minimum guests spent applies.

Bar Revenue Share

Events such as Balls, Awards, Festivals and many other events are a great opportunity to make an extra income for yourself or your company / organisation. We can do all the hard work for you and at the end of your event you receive agreed percentage, Up to 30% from Net Bar Sales. We provide fully stocked Mobile Bars,
well experienced Bar and Waiting Staff, Glassware or Plastic cups and everything necessary for the service.
Ask for Open Event Package


As a mobile bar company, we have a good working relationship with wholesaler and drinks suppliers. We can help you in sourcing supply of both alcohol and non alcohol options. We offer a comprehensive range of products across all categories. A one stop shop for choice and service within the licensed trade offering a great deal on drinks and much more

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