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CeMAP® 2 contains 4 sections and we study this over 4 days taking 1 section per day. This allows us to focus on helping you pass the CeMAP® paper 2 the first time. Our tutors will provide In-depth training across the whole syllabus, honing in on the learning outcomes necessary to achieve examination success.

In CeMAP® 3 students have to complete 6 case studies in 2 hours based on the knowledge and learning from CeMAP® 1 & 2. There is no new book for CeMAP® 3 however the Trainer will help students to complete case studies given by the IFS in the learning material. The pass score is 70%


CeMAP®2 – Mortgages
Unit 3: Mortgage law, policy practice and markets

Section 1: Borrowers
Section 2: Mortgage and property regulation and law
Section 3: The house buying process
Section 4: From offer of advance to completion
Section 5: The economic and regulatory context for giving mortgage advice

Unit 4: Mortgage Applications

Section 1: The role of the mortgage advisor
Section 2: Assessment of status
Section 3: Assessment of security
Section 4: Guarantees and additional security

Unit 5: Mortgage payment methods and products

Section 1: Mortgage repayment methods
Section 2: Mortgage products and schemes
Section 3: Other mortgage-related products

Unit 6: Mortgage arrears and post completion

Section 1: Further advances and remortgaging
Section 2: Arrears, debt management and recovery
Section 3: Other post completion matters

Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules
Revision Notes
Specimen Exam Papers
CeMAP®3 – Assesment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge

You will study specimen Case Study Papers and then take 3 CeMAP® assessments.

Modules 1 and 2 are each assessed in a two-hour exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions. Module three is assessed in a two hour exam, but is made up of 60 questions based on six case studies.

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