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Why choose Diverse Training Academy?

Diverse Training Academy believes in giving only the best finance and mortgage advice training so that our students can pass their exams with flying colours and go on to lead successful careers.

Enter the classroom from the comfort of your sofa

Even though our courses are taught through online distance-learning, you will still be taught by live tutors who have real-world experience in the finance and mortgage industry.

You get all the important live feedback and interactions with your tutor while being in the comfort of your own home.

Dedicated to your success
We do everything we can to ensure that our students pass their exams including:

one-to-one sessions for extra help providing past test papers for exam practice
continued support for up to six months after the start of the course or until exams are passed industry training from existing brokers and organisations

A kick-start to you career

We are so dedicated to our students’ careers that upon passing their exams we introduce them to banks and other organisations who are interested in snapping up new talent.

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